Why We NEED Measure L

VOTE YES on Measure L to protect the outstanding quality of education that helps our Lafayette TK-8 schools – Burton Valley, Happy Valley, Lafayette, and Springhill Elementary Schools, and Stanley Middle School – rank among the best in the state.

California’s education funding formula is under-funding our elementary and middle schools. Fortunately, our Lafayette community supports its schools, consistently approving local, stable funding for exceptional teachers, small class sizes, challenging instructional programs, outstanding science, art and music curricula, and critically important student-support services.

However, even with this support AND significant District cuts over the past 3 years, a sizable funding gap still exists and continues to grow. Measure L is needed to protect vital instructional programs and avoid teacher layoffs.

Measure L will: 

  • Attract/retain highly qualified teachers
  • Prevent deep cuts to math, science, reading, language arts, engineering, technology, and robotics programs
  • Maintain manageable class sizes
  • Keep school facilities safe, clean, and well-maintained
  • Preserve high quality programs in music, visual, and performing arts

Measure L includes a SENIOR CITIZEN EXEMPTION option.


  • ALL funds STAY LOCAL for Lafayette TK-8 schools.  The State can’t take these funds away.
  • Citizens' Oversight and mandatory audits ensure proper spending.
  • Measure L lasts 7 years only. It cannot be extended without a new vote.

Acknowledging the prudent steps above (and others) that Lafayette School District (LAFSD) has taken to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association has endorsed L, urging a YES VOTE.

Remember, with or without school-age children, protecting the local quality of education is a wise investment.   Great schools protect property values.  That’s why parents, teachers, business and civic leaders, and residents from every LAFSD neighborhood urge a YES VOTE. 

Please - for our children and our community - VOTE YES on L.


Jack Weir, Executive Director, Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

Dana Green, Lafayette Realtor

Mary McCosker, 69-year resident, Grandparent, Community Volunteer

Bridget Quinn, First Grade Teacher, Springhill Elementary, 23 Year Educator

Rick Cronk, Retired CEO, Civic Leader