Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Measure L?

    Measure L is a local parcel tax measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot seeking voter authorization for funding to preserve outstanding core academic programs in reading, writing, math, and science, attract and retain highly qualified teachers, maintain class sizes, and prepare local Lafayette School District (LAFSD) TK-8 students for success in high school and beyond.

  • Why has the Lafayette School District placed Measure L on the ballot?

    The Lafayette School District is committed to maintaining the high quality of our neighborhood schools serving children in TK-8th grade. Our excellent teachers and rigorous math, science, and reading curriculum have prepared generations of students to succeed in high school, college, and careers. Unfortunately, years of state budget cuts have hurt our schools. Measure L is a thoughtful proposal supported by parents, teachers, and community leaders. It will protect core academics, help retain our high-quality teachers, and maintain class sizes to ensure that Lafayette students continue to flourish.

  • What is the official Measure L ballot question?

    “To protect the quality of education and prevent deep cuts to Lafayette elementary and middle school programs in math, science, engineering, technology, reading, music, and the arts, maintain manageable class sizes to enhance student achievement, and attract and retain highly qualified teachers, shall Lafayette School District establish a $290 parcel tax for 7 years only, providing $3,011,360 annually in dedicated funding for neighborhood schools, with independent citizen oversight, an exemption for seniors, and all money staying local?”

  • Who is the Lafayette School District?

    LAFSD is a TK-8th grade school district with five schools, including four elementary schools and one middle school.  Our schools are Burton Valley Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, Springhill Elementary, and Stanley Middle School.

  • How will Measure L funds be used?
    • Attract/retain highly qualified teachers
    • Prevent deep cuts to math, science, reading, language arts, engineering, technology, and robotics programs
    • Maintain manageable class sizes
    • Keep school facilities safe, clean, and well-maintained
    • Preserve high quality programs in music, visual, and performing arts

    By law, ALL Measure L funds MUST stay local, dedicated to Lafayette SD K-8 schools ONLY.

  • Who makes the final decision on Measure L?

    The locally elected Board of Education of Lafayette School District is the legal entity that has called for the Measure L election. Ultimately, Lafayette School District REGISTERED VOTERS will have the final say when they vote for the measure.

  • Who is eligible to vote on Measure L?

    All registered voters (approximately 20,000) living within the jurisdiction of the Lafayette School District registered by February 18 will be eligible to vote on this measure. The last day to register to vote and be eligible to vote on Measure L in the March 3 Election is February 18, 2020.

  • What’s required for Measure L to pass (win)?

    At least two-thirds, or 66.67%, of the voters who cast their ballots in the March 3rd Primary Election must vote in favor of Measure L for it to be approved.

  • How much will Measure L cost?

    Measure L costs $290.00 per year, per parcel for 7 years to provide a stable, local source of funding for Lafayette schools that cannot be taken away by the state. Senior citizen homeowners 65 years or older are eligible for an exemption through a simple application process. To find out more about the exemption process, please contact the Lafayette School District at (925) 927-3500.

  • Will businesses share in the cost of Measure L?

    Yes, both commercial and residential property owners will be subject to the same rate per parcel.

  • What about the Lottery or Proposition 30? Weren’t they supposed to fix our schools?

    Unfortunately, Lottery funds make up less than 2% of our annual General Fund Budget. Lottery funds alone are simply not enough to fund the core programs that our schools need.

  • No one in my household attends Lafayette schools. Why should I care about Measure L?

    Great schools are the foundation of healthy, thriving communities. Quality schools protect property values. Home resale values will benefit as our neighborhood schools are improved. Investing in local schools is a wise investment in the quality of life for everyone in the community.

  • Is there a Measure L senior exemption?

    Yes, through a simple application process, senior citizen homeowners age 65 or older may apply for an exemption for their primary residence. To find out more about how to apply, please contact the Lafayette School District at (925) 927-3500.

  • How can we be assured that the Measure L money will be spent properly?

    Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED.  An oversight committee comprised of community members will be established to ensure that Measure L funds are spent properly to support our students. Safeguards like the committee and a district-wide audit guarantee transparency for taxpayers. Additionally, all Measure L funds stay local.

  • Why are you asking for additional funds?

    The current California State funding goal is to return funding to schools at the financial levels they were receiving in the 2007-2008 school year by the year 2021. This funding outlook does not result in meeting the additional financial burdens being placed upon the district in the area of healthcare and other state-mandated programs.  In order to maintain our current programs and continue to make Lafayette School District thrive in areas like high-quality reading, math, and science programs while maintaining a balanced educational program, Lafayette must secure this extra funding.

  • Where can I get more information?

    For more information or to get involved, call (925) 297-5391 or email